Real-time address verification

For system workflows without human interaction

Real-time, Smarter and accurate address verification

Addresser Addressverify API provides real-time address verification and validation for Australian/New Zealand customers by allowing them standardize, parse, autocorrect and match against our curated address dataset. It combines the power of verification and enrichment in one single API call. It is great fit for augmenting your own API or middleware workflows that do not require user inputs.


Reduce the address complexity by organising address into standardised formats that is easy to comprehend and acted upon.
Addresser smart algorithms are able to understand various address patterns as a human does. Our accuracy is one of the highest in the industry.


Accurate and standard address formats increase the value of your customer information.
Along with parsing Addresser is able to standardise various address attributes such as street types, directions etc.
Standarisation allows for easy communication with other internal and external systems alike.


Addresser verifications follows parsing and standardization based on number of matching conditions which also includes AMAS matching criteria.
Our proprietary algorithms are highly accurate which means you will consistently achieve higher than 99.9%.


Addresser enriches your customer information by returning back valuable postal, statistical and other information such as SA1, LGA, and Meshblocks which help you easily connect to other third-party data sources such as Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The Addresser Advantage

      • Real-time verification helps to turn your non-human workflows into smarter workflows.
      • Use unique address identifiers from our database to easily match and de-duplicate your customers.
      • Highly standardized address data based on Australia/New Zealand Post specifications.
      • Augment your customer data with Australian Bureau of Statistics data such as meshblock etc.
      • Potential to maximise Australia/New Zealand Post bulk mail discounts.
      • Retrieve statistical and geographic information of the verified address.

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