Bulk Address Cleansing

Cleanse your database

Addresser provides an easy to use and intuitive solution for business users who need to cleanse customer addresses without the need to go through internal IT department, or if you do not have an IT department.

Simplified Easy Process


Use common productivity tool – Microsoft Excel, to create a list of addresses to validate and upload to our Addresser solution using the Addresser portal.


The system will run through all the parsing, standardisation and verification. Finally the data will be enriched with additional meta data for your use.


You will be notified via email at each stage of the process. You will receive a final download instruction via the email.


Access your recent bulk upload files on Addresser Portal, and download.

Addresser Advantage – Bulk Validate/Cleanse

  • Faster & Smarter – Addresser can validate thousands of addresses in matter of minutes, and better do not wait for the process to complete, you will be notified via email when the bulk cleansing is completed.
  • Curated data sources – Addresser is built on strong data source foundations, i.e. Australia Post, G-NAF, NZ Post.
  • Enriched outcome – Addresser will append additional meta data from Australia/New Zealand Post and G-NAF, for example, DPID, latitude and longitude etc.
  • Completed address – Addresser will add missing information such as postal codes, correct spellings, standardised abbreviations etc.
  • Unique Identifiers - Unique identifiers added to the data.
  • Volume – Addresser allows up to 1000 addresses cleansed each day using the bulk address validation solution. Need more contact us.

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